Open Letter to Bubble Product Strategy

Hi Tass,

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us. We care deeply about our community and value your feedback; community input‌ informs many of the decisions that our team makes, and you’ve made a number of important points that are well worth our attention. We’re working hard to improve our product, including a total overhaul of the editor. We also aim to continue implementing many “quality of life” improvements based on community feedback. As far as gathering that feedback, our Product team has made progress in several areas. We now have a dedicated Design and Research teams that will, for example, source feedback from users at different stages of feature development. All of this is with an eye toward usability.

As Bubble grows, we’re committed to improving our processes, and we’ll continue incorporating user feedback as we develop and iterate on product features. We’re also planning ways to connect more with our community. We’ve recently hired a dedicated Community team member, joining us later this month, whose priority is exactly what you describe — eliciting and consolidating feedback and creating more impactful ways for the community to weigh in.

As always, please continue to use this forum to connect with the Bubble team, flag any issues to our Support team, or email us at