Open phones sms with message

Looking for some help on this one. I would like a button click to open phones sms and populate the to Number as well as the message with dynamic fields. This would happen in a workflow using the goto external website action. I know this can be done with the html element in the repeating group but if possible would like it to happen in the workflow.

destination like this sms:+14085551212 works, but how do I add the message body?

Thank you in advance!

I have a wrapped app using The BDK but I don’t see why my solution would be different than yours.

If you want it to work on Android you need to use this format:

If you want it to work on IOSyou need to use this format:

Hope this helps!


Thank you that worked. now the bigger issue is im trying to send a url link with multiple bubble variable. it looks like this sms:14125551212?body=hello%20variable%20bubbleURLvariable?lastname=bubblevariable&firstname=bubblevariable

it only will pass the first variable after the ?

ive tried this a bunch of different ways including an html button script. I cant get the second variable to go to the phone!

What am I missing???

Glad that worked!

If you want to add dynamic data here’s how I do it:
body=[arbitrary text]find&replace

Use Bubble’s “Arbitrary text” datasource and create the string you want to send. Then use “Find and replace” to find the spaces " " and replace them with “%20”.

You only need the first ? before body.

Hello @Dillon_Schade , I’ve been trying to get this to work but seem to be missing something. Here is what my setup looks like. Mind pointing out what I’m doing wrong here? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Trying to make it work on iOS, also using BDK wrapper. Thank you!


Hi @Americano

Here you’ll see my exact setup.

  • Make sure to check “Use raw link” and use the same settings I have.
  • I’m using the “find and replace” to find the spaces are replace them with %20.
  • %0A adds a line break

I hope this helps!

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Fantastic, thank you @Dillon_Schade – this did the trick. I appreciate your help. :raised_hands:

I spent more time on this one than I’d like to admit. :man_facepalming:

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