Opening a .pdf file

Guys is there a way to let users open/read .pdf files in my app instead of directing them to .pdf file link?

Explore using the html element to embed the pdf url. Search for embedding code online.

Or you can also consider an iFrame plugin.

@BubbleSam do you think your plugin will function for this use case?

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Hi @bestbubbledev ,

Yes, if you have a PDF url, you probably can try to embed it using iframe.
Basically you have 2 options: you can do everything yourself using an HTML element or use a Bubble plugin like one shared above (I’m the author of this plugin).

However if you will decide to use our plugin, before purchasing it, I would suggest you to send me in direct message an example of your PDF URL so I can test it and show you the result.

Thank you @cmarchan for sharing our plugin!! I really appreciate this!

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