Help:) How do you view a PDF without EXTENSION

Does anyone know how to show an embedded PDF without the PDF ext such as any file stored on Upload Care. I can not figure out how to show such a file.

Just seeing if anyone has tried to solve this type of issue

You could create an HTML element on your Bubble app to achieve the functionality you are wanting…

Add the following to the HTML element

"<embed src=“file_name.pdf” width=“100px” height=“100px/>”

(without the quotes)

where “file_name.pdf” points to the absolute url of your pdf file…

What if the PDF is file url is …

And there is no .PDF like how AWS s3 or Upload Care handle files handles

Theoretically it should work since the above solution is being managed “client side” and its the client’s browser which is explicitly going and downloading the file from the URL.

I’ve embedded PDFs using PDFObject with good results You’ll need to embed their JavaScript library manually and create a HTML element as @andrewjohnson56782 pointed out. There are use case examples on the website I linked to. Even without a .pdf extension the file should display as expected.

ooohhh this looks promising… thanks!

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