Opening and closing times board

Hi Bubble Mages!

I am build a delivery system and have a question.

i need show a “Open” and “closed” board on Homepage to inform the user that’s not possible make orders.

I tried somesome approaches such as creating an opening and closing TEXT field within a restaurant table (Ex: 19:00) and placing the condition IF = Current date time> This element is visible.

Dont worked :frowning:

I do not see how to do for fields of type DATE / TIME in the RESTAURANT table, as it will take the day / month / year as well. I may be wrong.

Below some prints, any questions I am available to explain in more detail.


Any can Help me?

I discovered tha can be built a following structure, but, how to say to green (opened) and red (closed) buttons shows only inside the “Office hours” ?