[optimization] Display day only once in RG (messenging)

Hello fellow optimizers :slight_smile:

I’ve a repeating group to display a users messages. I can have many messages on one day, so I’m displaying only the date in top of the message which is the first of the day. But this little conditionnal eats 230KWU a month :confused:

How would you do this ?

Do you mean grouping the messages by date?

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

this is actually what I do not :slight_smile: I just display them by date, and want to display only the date of the day once (the date is an element in current cell).

I 'm afraid that grouping will be consuming a lot of WU and is not recommended in the performances and scaling guidelines but I can try and see what its consume

How much data is the RG holding?

I think max 50 entries

A couple of ideas:

  • Set privacy rules so that the server sends to the page less entries. Perhaps what is driving the high consumption could be that all of the object’s dB entries are being queried.
  • If the above still sends too many entries … you could guesstimate how many to limit-load in the rg
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I added a conditionnal to the RG to displa data-source only if the message panel is visible. Let’s see if it was that (retrieving too mush data because to user is set)

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