The speed to create 'things' varies enormously

This week I had an idea for an app to monitor and understand the amount of time Bubble needs to do its thing. The first setup I came up with, I have another setup in mind to make it more robust, is a loop that creates a thing with 10 date fields. I populate each date field in a separate action/step to make it heavier to process and easily monitor some variations.

The API workflow.

Some of the first results

Some detailed insights from items that took a lot of time te create.
What strikes me is that some actions are ready in a second, and others require a considerable amount of time.

I am curious how you, other users, and the @team respond to these results.

Hi @mike_verbruggen

If you tried to schedule 5 actions and another set of 5 actions under ‘schedule’, you will see something too. I think Bubble boosts the first 6 to 8 actions, then slows down throughput, giving everyone the chance to run workflows quickly. That’s my observation.