Option Set as User Role not working

I’m creating a School Management system where you’ll have:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Organization Admin (who must be a teacher)
  • Admin (Me the super admin of the app)

All user roles will access and navigate the same system and pages but what is visible and hidden will depend on the user role and a few other permissions.

I created User Roles via an option set. However, I want the Organization Admin & Teachers to toggle between the two, whilst the ‘Student’ and ‘Super Admin’ will be fixed roles with no means of change to any other role.


Is option set the best way to approach this? I’ve applied this by setting the workflow like this at user profile creation/signup:

user_role=student (selected from option set value drop-down option)

But after logging in none of the dedicated elements within a page that should be visible for the “student” role are visible. This goes for every role. I’ve thoroughly checked my element’s conditions, but they are all okay.

Previously I used a “text” option user role, but that seems to be a trouble for multiple typed values and can cause errors mistyped.

What is the best way to solve this and fast?


Well… obviously they aren’t…

The debugger will show you exactly what’s going on.

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