Option set "null" which cannot be deleted but instead deletes another option set


I have an option set which has an option set name “null” even though the name “Page” is shown in the left hand side where you select option sets. See this screenshot:

To make it extra strange: if I try to delete this option set or change it’s name then ANOTHER option set called gets deleted or changed… See this screenshot:

I cannot figure out why I have a “null” option set that I am unable to delete/edit and that seems to be linked to another option set. However, recently I was using the chrome plugin “Bubble Option Sets Helper” and maybe an option set got overwritten and that is causing the issue?

My goals is just to get rid of the “null” option set while keeping the “Bubble Pages” option set. I would appreciate any help or tips on how to deal with this!

Best wishes,


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