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Option Sets Ideas 1) bulk upload via csv 2) Workflow added

+1 please do this already

+1 please

Not a perfect solution, but you can do this by merging the option set with another list, then have a workflow to add user values to the list. It will loose some of the speed of the optionset this way, but it’s a workable workaround, and it’s still faster than having everything in a list.

I think this is a major oversight on the value of option sets. +1 +1 +1 to add a more effective way to upload and pull lists of options sets via CSV.
@josh This seems like a massive improvement! @cal

+1 Now if you don’t mind I have some data entry to do.

I need to input 1000+ options on option sets

+1 for bulk upload option sets with csv
+1 for dynamically adding to option sets from the app

+1 bulk upload option sets with csv

Has anyone already done this for US Zipcodes and has a template app which can be purchased and cloned?

+1 for me too

Quick Thought:
You can go to App > Settings > General > Export Application. This exports a file which is basically a giant JSON. Then, you can go to the “option_sets” section (the doc. is quite long, use Command+F to search for it exactly) and add them by hand according to Bubble’s format. In theory, you could probably write a quick script that would convert your own set of data into the format bubble uses by printing to console > copy-and-paste into the export. Then, save the changes, and do App > Settings > General > Import Application.

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+1 for upload with csv

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+1 upload with csv. It is a major crutch to add them one by one and I usually prefer just to use database things which is a lot slower.

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+1, I have a list of 300 options!

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+1! Alternatively, give every app access to some common option sets (e.g. countries, states, etc)

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