Option Sets Ideas 1) bulk upload via csv 2) Workflow added

Option sets are great.

  1. They’d be even better, if you can upload them in bulk via csv
  2. Also would benefit from being able to add options via workflows.

+1 to add via csv upload. I’m creating an option set with 140 values. And now I/someone has to add them in one by one…


I would love to have the option to bulk upload to option sets, as well.

Waiting to change over until this is possible, as I’m hoping it’ll speed up a few things substantially but have quite a few items that’ll need changing :slight_smile:


Yes making option sets easier to create, especially for large lists would be a fantastic way to improve their functionality

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Agreed. Let’s get bulk/csv upload added for sure.

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+1 from me too for this one.


or come up with a way to convert existing Data Types to Option Sets

Because I am working with multiple lists around 500 rows with about 10 attributes each row.

And may be required to update these lists periodically.


+1 on uploads (and exporting) as well as converting data types to option sets.

Also we need the ability to reorder option sets in the data tab. Moving them up and down individually is very time intensive with a long list.

Does anyone know the answer to this question however – does a page in Bubble load ALL of the option sets in the app, or only the ones needed for that specific page’s functionality?

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+1 Extremely useful and an immense time saver!

Adding my voice to this discussion. +1 to all the above.

Would also love an option to bulk upload options. Maybe via CSV or something similar.

+1 for adding options via workflows.

+1 for bulk uploading option sets… working with Countries/States and time zones would be much easier if bulk uploading option sets was a possibility, especially since they remain relatively static.

+1 It is really a pain to create even a small number of options manually

+1 for import feature and even exposing in workflow actions

+1 for bulk upload and to add an option via workflow.

I have a need for users to create options and then have the option added to the optionset for other users.

Too sad to come to this topic and see no updates… it’s really a +1 do csv upload options to the option set. Now I’m going to setup 246 options by hand (and eventually cry a little bit :cry: )


Gosh +1 for this idea, it’s so tedious to import over 200 items into an option set :frowning: Something I’m doing now :confused:


+1 Really need this as a bulk upload. To have to manually add really limits use to a small set of use cases. I was considering a data set of 16,000+ … maybe that is the intent. Could it be that option set are not well suited for large list of options?

+1 for this!!!