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Order of Inputs when pressing Tab

There’s obviously a thousand posts on this issue: pressing tab doesn’t seem to focus input in the correct order.

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Most posts suggest playing around with groups etc. But I don’t see how that would even be possible here as I’m using the (most excellent) new responsive layouts.

Each form label-input set is a row group contained in its own group and all the various inputs are contained in a column container. The alignment of label-input is the same for all inputs: centered.

So really except for moving them up and down using the layout setting previous or next is all there is to it in terms of “playing around” here.

What are my options to fix this?

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Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 11.19.09 AM
Try making sure everything is grouped correctly. I tried to recreate the issue and it only incorrectly ‘tabbed’ to the next input when one was outside of the main group or outside of its intended group.

Everything seems in order right here:

I created inputs based on the first one, it was a copy-paste job before editing each row’s particulars.

They’re all neatly stacked in order in the same group.

Make sure to group them all together.

Yes, they are under the “group form”, see above screenshot (which is a column layout group).

Oh, I mean group all the inputs together.

Oh I see. But then how can I possibly do the layout? If I group them together it would screw up all the responsiveness, no?

You might have to play around with it cause I’m pretty sure grouping the inputs together is the only way, or maybe don’t group each label and input together and just have them all inside a group?

Hi, Sorry, but unless I’m mistaken, It doesn’t look possible to achieve a label-input pair stacked vertically without placing each pair inside a row group. Without such group the inputs would just keep filling space horizontally and go to the next line when all space is consumed.

Submitted as bug and acknowledged as bug by Bubble Team.


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