Organize and position elements over each other "see the screenshot"


I want to organize some group and shape elements over each other in my web-app to create a nice visual like in the screenshot. The group with all the text in the middle of the page is placed over the groups with the green color in top and white color on bottom. How do I do that? Every time I try to create a group similar to to the one with text in the middle, it automatically places outside or inside the green/white group under it. I cant get it to be perfectly positioned in the middle above the other groups. Also if possible I really dont want to use “flexible container layout”.

Your feedback is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Try using negative margins… (you’ll probably need to set up some conditions based on page width to adjust the negative margins as the page width decreases, in order to maintain an attractive responsive design)…


This worked perfectly! Thank you so much for the help @adamhholmes :star_struck:

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