Orphaned things in database fields

I’m sure this must have been answered although I couldn’t find anything, having done a quick search. Is there a performance impact for database things or fields in database things that are deleted and no longer referenced or used.

I have an application built in the early days (when I didn’t know better) subsequently updated this with what I now know… What I’m left with is a multitude of database entries which are deleted.

Now trying to work out whether I should start from scratch in a brand-new app or whether leaving these as deleted items is that no detrimental effect on my applications performance.

As bubble told me only images and files uploaded go against the storage capacity. As it seems from my experience the number of items in a data type impacts performance for searches and subsequent sort / filter actions since those items are still part of the “list” that is being searched / sorted / filtered.

My suggestion is to create a simplistic way of deleting them. Can create a page to delete data pretty easily and up to you how to sort them so you delete the right ones.

Possibly not explain myself very well. I’m not referring to content in terms of images, text or any form of content. I am referring to the actual elements of the database structure “things” and fields within things that are no longer being used.

I doubt it makes any significant effect on your application. Starting a brand new app would take more more effort and time for such a small inconvenience.

Thanks I had assumed so but helpful to get a second opinion.

I get it, so its not that there is blank or null values in the database, but rather entire data types or data fields that are not used any longer. I personally would clean them up and delete them as for me it would make it easier to maintain the app.

I’ve not done it before and caused issues when I was creating new functionality in the app and was confused as to wether or not the database data types or fields were in use or not.

One issue of cleaning it up though is that you may create errors because the application might still have elements that are pointing to those unused data types or fields and once deleted the error will indicate it has been deleted and it can’t reference it anymore.

With that being said though, in my mind it is a good thing to clean it up as you don’t want elements in the app to be referencing data types or data fields that are not used, since all elements on a page should be used. If you don’t have elements in the app referencing the data types and data fields not used any more, than the clean up job would be easier.

I ultimately have a philosophy in life that slower and carefully is better than quickly because in the end when I go quickly I make more mistakes costing more time than if I had done something slowly and correctly the first time. But to each his own. So your question may have already been answered by your personal choice and having a confirming opinion of our personal choice usually leads us to make a decision that is best for us.