Our Launch Date & TechCrunch

Hello Bubble Community,

I am going to be presenting in front of TechCrunch on the 18th and I need alot of help fixing bugs and issues and building an app.

This is a startup so capital is tight. So I do have several questions that I need help with:
*If you need pictures of specific things. Please let me know

  1. Save: I have a P2P marketplace and I want my users to be able to save an item to revisit by a click of a button.

  2. Price Filter: My search results can filter based on category, type, location and name but not price. I using the slider but I have not been able to get it to work

  1. App Building: I will be expanding into the app market for IOS and Android. I am a bit confused on it though, I understand that Bubble has an option for mobile page; should that be used or is there another way to convert the site into an app.

If it is done with the Bubble option to send the user to the mobile page, then how do I submit it to the Playstore.

  1. Shipping: My users need help with shipping and to make it convenient, I want to give them ability to create a shipping label and the buyer the ability to track their order. Similar to eBay. Are there any add-ons that anyone recommends.

Thank you to everyone that helps. All questions do not need to be answered. It can be done question by question

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