The App Store and Bubble

  1. App Building: I will be expanding into the app market for IOS and Android. I am a bit confused on it though, I understand that Bubble has an option for mobile page; should that be used or is there another way to convert the site into an app.

If it is done with the Bubble option to send the user to the mobile page, then how do I submit it to the Playstore.

This needs to be addressed very quickly to new Bubble users. Bubble isn’t meant for building mobile apps. It is mainly a platform to build webapps, so creating an app will not be as easy as you think. Many users have successfully linked their apps to Dropsource via API, and I successfully used Thunkable to create an app to publish on Google Play. There are also a lot of forum threads about it:

And you can check out webview wrappers like Webview Gold or SuperView.

The only example of a successfully published app (to iOS and Google Play Store) is Yumbook.

Hope this helps!


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