Outputting a list, converted to buttons?

I’m outputting a list from a RG with a space between them, and it works fine, but I would really like the words to be buttons that I can then let the user click on.

Is that possible somehow? I want them to be formatted like this, like text is formatted, so it wraps around. Like the tags plugin from Zeroqode but designed the way i want.

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lots of different ways to do this…one would be to make the text clickable ( i.e. some workflow action involved when the text is clicked ) or to use links and just design it the same way you would the text element.

Think about what a button is, it basically has a background color with a square that places text in the middle. That being said, think about what a text element would be like if you centered the text, put a background color on it…it would be the same thing essentially as both, to be used as a button, so as to be ‘clickable’, need a workflow action to trigger upon the click.

I personally don’t use the button element at all and instead opt to use the text element and style it the way I want, or in some cases, when SEO is a consideration, I use the link element and again style it the way I want.

Yes but this data either comes out via RG or via this search. With RG the data is done either in static boxes, which isn’t what i want. If I do it via this search, I don’t see how to make each element differently clickable as its putting out all the elements in one line of output.

Basically I’m looking for RG functionality that’s not forcing where the boxes go. An RG that can output text or buttons as individually addressable elements. Or a way to iterate over a list and create clickable text individually addressable with workflows.

depends on what you are trying to do but there are ways…for instance using the ID attribute with dynamic data being the current cells index is a way to get isolate the element in the r.g.

Another way is to set the data type of the element to be the same as the r.g. and so you create workflows that references the value equal to current cells thing’s value.

What are you trying to achieve in the end for user experience and functionality of the app in terms of data manipulation/storage retrieval etc?

Well I’m trying to achieve basically what you see here. The RG on the left has data that I don’t like the format of. On the right is what Flat and Modern tags by zeroqode gives me, which kinda works I believe. I want to be able to control it better, though, and that plugin is a closed box compared to using my own RG.

I didn’t know you could put dynamic data into the id attribute, and thought that was for the whole RG not the items. I’m still not sure however how you get a layout like you see with the tags on the right. Basically, buttons or things that look like buttons, separated, individually clickable with a general workflow to handle the click.

If it is the layout you want, just change the R.G. to have more than one column and make the width wider so you can have different items next to each other.

In terms of

Just follow my previous replies

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