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Display List of Text inside row in Repeating Group in beautiful manner

How can i display list of text inside One row in Repeating group in a beautiful manner.

Please check the screenshot, where I have list of text in repeating group and it does look pretty. Can I make it look seperate pretty tags.

Something like the follwing 2, would look very pretty.



Create a new text style
Use your favorite colors and fonts to make it look pretty :wink:
Apply that style to the text in that one Row.

Thanks for the help.

When I do it, I end up with something like this.

Am I getting something completely wrong ?

I want it to show seperately every text in list to appear seperate

I gotchaa

Here’s what you are looking for

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I found the answer by going to this post. I replaced my text with html and added css and html code to do it. its amazing

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