Responsive Height Difficulties

I don’t want to make my app live yet, so I don’t think I can share my project here, please let me know if I’m mistaken…

I’m having issues with the height collapsing completely…for instance, I’ve set it so when a user clicks on a text, which appears to be a button, it hides and unhides certain elements. In it’s initial load all elements are hidden, yet I there is still something blocking the group from collapsing completely.

Does this have something to do with having a repeating group inside the collapsable element?

I know this question is poorly asked. I’m so sorry. I just can get very wordy and often create confusion…and I didn’t wanna type a novel here. Only been using bubble for a few days.

I was having that issue a couple times too. One time I had a group that was hidden underneath the other groups and I did not see it was blocking the others and another time I tried it I had 2 groups side by side the the group that was suppose to move up just came to the group that didn’t move.

You can also share the link even if it isn’t live.

Thank you! I found what was causing the issue(I think) and I believe it was a “hidden” group that wasn’t supposed to be there. I removed it and it seemed to help the problem, at least a bit. There’s still a gap…but I’m not sure it’s as much of a problem now. I could have also easily just modified my UI.

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