Overflow from a reusable element not working

I’ve done a floating group that has an element that is invisible until hovered over and then exapands, and it expands over other elements that are near which is good.
works well in the original one, but then i created a reusable element from it but it doesn’t allow the overflow to go outside from the reusable element.

Hope I explained myself, thx to whoever could answer

Hi @Makks . Maybe check RE layout setting can be helpful? Maybe you can have wider RE or expand its width when the RE hovered using conditional? Hope that helps

Yes, I tried that, but it exands over other buttons preventing from pressing the part of them that is under the invisible expanded RE, and making it full color is ugly.

What bothers me is that it works fine in the original, so maybe something can be done like an horizontal overflow option, but couldn’t find it