Overview of Bubble's building and learning resoures for 2023

I have returned after 2 year absence and a bit lost about how to approach Bubble now, what’s changed over the years? What’s the big thing and what’s not?

When I was leaving, Flex by Gregory John was the big thing but Bubble was doing own version of it, I guess now it’s built-in and Bubble superresponsive?

No courses available now, only coaches?

Are there any materials to learn bubble you would suggest?

I see Canvas by AirDev is still the most robust if I would like to start off some template, not from the scratch?

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Well, design and learning aside, you will almost certainly want to start by digging into the recent pricing changes… it’s all about workload units (or WUs) now. There were literally thousands of posts on the subject, and here is the most recent thread. Welcome back… and happy reading!


Yes, I have seen this crazy bare hands capitalism in action already. Clicked Upgrade your app for free just out of interest 2 months ago and voila… USD58 are off my account. Would have been more if not balance on that card was 0 already. And today I was searching for 10 minutes!!! to turn that charge off! It would never happen before that 100mln or whatever was donated to Bubble, I would call it ‘money storm’…

I do understand that Bubble needs to make money but not in that agressive way.

Ah, okay… didn’t realize you already knew about the pricing changes, and if you didn’t, you would definitely want to start there. We’re not going to turn this into another pricing-related thread (complaints or otherwise), though, so forget I mentioned it (if I hadn’t, someone else would have, and rightly so), and others can chime in on design and learning.

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