Here is a Shout Out to the Bubble Team

Would just like to give a really big thank-you to the Bubble Team and to the co-founders who have truly made an amazing product.

Am new to Bubble and have just gone through the introductory lessons and utilise the forum and extensive documentation available with great success.

Am on my way in rolling out 3 different apps as a beginner and am really looking forward to a long running relationship with Bubble.

The best news is how the team Bubble are really focussed on making things easy and now with a new an improved pricing plan that is going to assist in better budgeting, this is exciting times.

Again, a really big thank-you I really appreciate the effort that has gone into Bubble.


Whew… you picked the wrong day to make this post, my friend. You’re not wrong at all, but damn… timing, eh? :slight_smile:




YEP! No love in my heart today, sadly. My whole next quarter has become “research Bubble alternatives” … and I feel like I’ve wasted my time and efforts learning Bubble now, since they keep yanking our chains every 18 months or so on some major, unwanted change that upends everyone’s plans

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To be honest it could not have been a better day, the new pricing plan is looking good and really helps in providing maximum uptime especially in the early stages of a startup. In terms of the new prices if this means this is going to assist in ensuring that the running costs of Bubble will be better seen to then all the better, looking forward to even further enhancements and new features.


Don’t we have enough propaganda in our day-to-day


This pretty much summarizes every bubbler’s feelings today! Can I get an NFT of this post along with a framed plaque and display it proudly in between my two 35" monitors previously dedicated to Bubble dev?

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FED :joy:

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I will say though, in this spirit, Bubble is awesome. It is worth every penny of the current pricing plan and more and I truly believe a price raise is in order (not a price model change).

The biggest threat to Bubble, is the Bubble team overthinking things. As someone said earlier in the big pricing thread: “when in doubt, just don’t change it.”


lol :joy: :sweat_smile:

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I am happy for you.
For me it was a lifechanging product.