Page access show/hide, but what if url is known?


This week I have tried to learn a lot of bubble, but I have some questions as I want to made an app for our company that have several layers of access and show data that should be private…

I have seen this: Element Visibility based on current user variable
And it works, Database field = text “External” page fields are not visible, but when I know the URL I’m free to got to that page.
I have redirected the page on pagelood to my login. So far so good, but…

Can google find these pages too and see the data?

I guess the best thing is a native app style?
I have tried that also but when I have several groups with all exactly the same size (full size of the page except the header) the groups will be grouped into 1 group and so not visible when they should be visible…

Can someone help me to understand this?

thanks a lot

What I do is put everything in groups and hide the whole group unless certain specifications are met. I only checks the specifications after I check that the user has access to the page first. That should block unwanted access as well as other things like privacy roles. Maybe look on the forum under privacy roles as a first step. :slight_smile: hope that helps.

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