Page and all elements completely loaded

Hi @meyerhd2. First of all, thank you for your time and making such a great summary. This is all very useful. I will keep fighting and report the result back.

One small question - could you please clarify what exactly do you mean by Gmail “obvious” design. Can you give an example? (I totally agree - loader should be used for longer processes.)

Hi there - Thanks for providing this solution. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. The LoadCount never goes above 1.

I also am seeing that despite any solution the problem seems to be that some data doesn’t populate in the RG until the user begins to scroll. Any solution for this?

Hello, after a few tests on my side. I found out that the incremental solution works only when they’re a sufficient number of item passed in the repeating group. Indeed, it seems that if for exemple you pass only 1 item, you’ll get only 1 “is loading” fired. My interpretation is that due to the lightness of data, the 2 “is loading” are loading nearly simultaneously resulting in it being counted only once. Thus, i’m still looking for a solution including this use-case.

@azelmar did you find one?

i also tried and noticed that. one thing to be aware when using this approach is that, if the rendering is not being done on the screen (eg. beneath a floating header), it does not trigger the 2nd event “rg loading is no”…

because of that, you’ll need to work around with conditionals when loading’s index is stuck in 1…

Thanks, works great.
The article link is broken. Here’s the working link: