Page auto height

Good morning everyone,

I have been struggling with page height.
Context : I have a page that is 2000px height.
It is composed of a lot of groups of inputs that I hide and display according to certain conditions.

The problem is that the page height is always 2000px, i would like it to grow when a new group is made visible ?

I found a couple of topics about the issue, but with no real solution. I would like to know if any of you has a good pratice for that kind of problem.

Thank you

Have a nice day


Place a floating group of the exact same size of the page with floating relative to “both”.

Stack all your content groups vertically and selectively show/hide them. Don’t forget to set all of the them to collapse when hidden.

Your page’s height can grow as tall as you want in the editor. 2k px, 10k px, 50k px. It does not matter there. What matters is the height of all of the visible groups (if they are vertically stacked). The page’s height when rendering the app (when previewing it) will be the total height of the visible content groups. Because all of the groups are set to collapse when hidden, and the floating group will render to the height of your viewport (of your screen).

If you don’t use an fg the page will render to the height of the visible groups as all of the invisible ones will collapse when hidden.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

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