Reduce page height when groups are hidden

Hi there,

I have a Help Center on my app which has various sections and subsections. For this I used groups with custom states to hide/show the body text of each section. Consequently as my groups of titles and texts are positioned the one after the other (the accordion menu is not adapted as I have numerous subsections and about 15 pages of text if you put in Word format for instance, it is not a very short FAQ), my page height is too long, and with a long white space.

Any solution to adapt/resize my page height automatically based on the text/groups displayed? Something like “collapse element height” but for the page?

Hope you can help. Anyway Bubble is really a marvelous tool. Super happy to be now in this community with the ability to create products by myself.


You’ll want a group that takes up the entire page that also collapses height when hidden. As long as all of your element edges are in contact, this should allow your page’s height to collapse.

Hi @eve ! Thanks for your fast answer. Indeed I keep this tip to do it for other pages of my app. For my specific issue of Help Center I actually made something different that matched my need. Again, many thanks!