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Hello everyone, this is the first time I worked on a template, I’ve recently updated the template description, it contains the reason why I created this template. I didn’t create this template to be used “as is”, it was created to encourage the purchaser to make design changes and implement their own ideas to it. We were in no way creating a full blown template that must be this way or features wouldn’t work. Which is why we didn’t add any form of plugin to the Page Creation. This allows the purchasers to add whatever functions and plugins they want to make this unique for them. If you have additional questions about how to do something within Page Creation, I’ll do my best to answer questions.

This template is only $5.00 on the Template page, the $5.00 will help go toward funding my project.

Again, I would like to point out, that Page Creation wasn’t made to be a full blown template, it only covers the Page Creation and Pages themselves. We didn’t add a Settings tab for Pages, this is because it of customization should be the purchaser’s ideas. We added in Page Statuses as a type of bonus.

You should deploy the app because the template preview doesn’t work now from the template page :wink:

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in fact this also doesn’t show much

Well, it’s not suppose to be a full blown template, I just did what needed to be shown. It gives them a firm grasp on some of the things in which they can add to pages and how I personally did it. It’s something they can build around and add their own uniqueness to.

ah ok, i see now.

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