How can I create the following?

I want to create kind of similar as given in the link above but for different marketplace and for different users. How can I create from scratch?

You create a new app and build from scratch. Or you buy the template and change it.

Not really sure how to answer this.

I meant how do you create boxes and search boxes and everything that you can see in the link.

I don’t like linear learning which is going from beginning to end. I like learning by exploring. To explain it better, when I hover over any part of any template, it should describe how to build this functionality. I think that is the best way of learning.

That may be true, but that’s not the point of templates. Templates exist to give you a starting point to build your own app, or to see how someone achieved something specific under the hood.

Your idea is an interesting one, just one that Templates aren’t built to solve for.

Actually a really cool idea to an extent.

You can only explain so much over one hover display. So many side cases such as conditions, workflows, db logic that goes into these UI elements.

There is an option though, that when you hover over an input you can reference the bubble manual. I found that to be very helpful when I first started exploring on Bubble :slight_smile:

Thanks! I don’t want to buy template. How can I refer to bubble manual for this template as you described? I would love to see the manual.

I want to create it from scratch with my own modifications.

When you hover over a condition or area you might not understand, you’ll see the “See reference” popup:

Honestly what you are trying to create, a marketplace, the basic components are easy to learn if you watch some quick tutorials.

The manual will not show you how to build a marketplace, it will show you how Bubble works. It sounds like you’re looking for coaching or a specific tutorial to show you how to build a marketplace. Several individuals on the forum provide this type of service, such as @romanmg and @copilot


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