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Page height not collapsing

I’m making a single page app, and not matter what, there is always white space at the bottom.

The longest group is around 6,000px
This means the index page is 6,000px.

Some of my groups such as the search page, are really just reusable elements placed inside of groups. This makes it easier to organize.

About half of my groups are reusable elements placed inside parent groups.

I’ve tried several method’s
Stacking each group to create a really long page
Make all groups 6,000px and use hidden groups to reduce group size
I’ve made reusable elements 6,000px
I’ve made parent elements of reusable elements 6,000px

Also @rico.trevisan any input? I even mimicked your tutorials way of placing all pages under a single content group, in addition to using hidden elements inside of reusables.

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Found this:

If it’s not this, there’s probably an element that is sliding under everything else causing that white space. Try mousing around with the inspector to see if you find which group it is.

Thanks, I cleaned it up, but this guy isn’t the true perp.

I just went through the inspector, and all the groups collapse properly. My mouse consistently says “index”. The only group at the bottom is my floatingnav, but I doubt she’s the issue.

Currently, I’ve grouped all the pages into a single group. I then took one of the pages, (Page Premium) out and left it on it’s own.

I was trying to see whether I could get the index page to reduce itself that way.

Solution in Progress:

I resized all of the groups/pages to be 2,000px. Additionally, these groups/pages are underneath a master group.

I then added “resizer groups” for each page/group. Home, Search, Reviews, etc. These resizer groups exist outside of the mastergroup of pages…

If Page Search is 3,000px, then it’s Resizer group will be 1,000px.

I then add a second resizer group to cover the difference between the first resizer group, and the rest of the index page.

The index page is 7,000px, so the second resizer will be 4,000px.

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This is completely new, so as I go on, I’ll improve the system to be more efficient, however that may be.

For now, it works, and that’s all that matters to me lol.

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Resizers eventually became too cluttered and stopped working lol

I found the fix to my OG issue.

  1. All groups underneath Group Content must be “Parent Group + Reusable Element”. No outliers or other elements. Gotta be a reusable element underneath a parent group.

  2. I then also had a 1x1 group called “Scroll To Top” inside of Group Content. It was enough to throw everything off too.

(Group Content is the Group that houses all of your “Pages” inside of a 1 Page App-Shell)

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