Page Load Speed Way Too Slow - Any Ideas?

Hi All;

I love Bubble. I have been able to create the app that I envisioned.

However, the pages take 14 seconds to load!! This is clearly too long. Please, can anyone direct me on how to decrease the length of time it takes? I’ve removed most, if not all, images on the pages, so pages are only loading text.

I’ve streamlined the workflows. I don’t know what else to do.

Here is my latest sppedtest results:


Any ideas would be appreciated - I really need to fix this, it drives me nuts!

So much of this is going to depend on how you have your data structured, number of repeating groups, how you’re making calls to the database, etc. It’s hard to have a blanket, “Do this and magic happens,” as each app will be different.

As an example, my Fully Loaded Time was under 2 seconds, but my PageSpeed score was 75% and the YSlow Score was 92% on the app I’m currently working on.

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@leslie.nagy what is your time to first byte?

I’m not sure - where can I find that info?

Thank you, I totally agree with you…the thing is, there are other apps that load in a reasonable amount of time that must have as much going on in the background as my app does…and I’ve taken steps to decrease the load on pages but nothing seems to work…

It’s just hard to debug without knowing how you structured your queries and database calls.

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