Page loads /index instead of Page


Have an issue with the following page, that loads the correct page while using computer, but loads the index page (i.e. when browsing it on mobile.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the issue?

The correct page should show an blank page with the logo on top. The index page that currently loads on mobile shows a form to be filled in.

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Hi @philip.kornmann, are you sure you don’t have that form on the /reversed page as well with a hiding rule or something to only show on mobile? I only ask this because when I preview, the URL doesn’t actually change to your index.

Also, check the property editor of the /reversed page. Do you have anything set for the “mobile version” setting? It might be set to index, which would create that redirect.


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Hi @romanmg,

thanks a lot for your response! Sometimes we miss the most simple of solutions; you were right, I had set the mobile version to Index. Thanks a lot for point it out for me! :slight_smile:


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