Page not bleeding to edge

I’ve set up a page to be full width and it’s displaying with white space/margins in my browser.

This was working earlier, i.e the page was rendering full width without margins, however, as I was moving around the layout, margins have suddenly appeared.

Too many steps to undo. Been trying to fix this but nothing is working. Below is the page layout in the editor:

Am i missing something? Help!

Do you have a share link for the editor? It can be that your wrapper has a fixed width of 1200, you can check this inspecting the page (f12) and check if with a resolution of 1200, the page expands to fullwidth

Hi! Thanks for your response, but i can’t get that dialog box to open when i press F12 - i get a prompt to open Microsoft Dev Tools in Edge.

Is there another way to open that box?

OK, i increased the page width to 1280 and it works. Not sure how that fits in with the whole responsive design concept, but i’ll plod on

thats not responsive!, if a user has a screen bigger than 1280px they’ll get those white spaces, you should set its width to 100vw or 100%, maybe putting that in a flex container

Thanks tg, so it doesn’t fit at all.

I think i’ll figure that out once i’ve solved the other elements.

Fixed width is your problem. It won’t stretch for different screen sizes. A column, row, or align to parent container is needed, then placing elements inside that will allow you to make a responsive layout.

Thanks, that explains it