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"Page not found" error when I click preview in bubble

I’m trying to finish the tutorial, and to see the results, I wanted to preview my app.
There’s a tutorial for bubble in built in the website, and as I was following it to create a sign in page for a maps app (also from the tutorial), I finished doing the project, and decided to hit the “preview” button.
But unfortunately, its showing me a “page not found” error. Any fixes for this?
ill provide a screenshot for this too:
(link provided in screenshot)

Without more info nobody can offer much help on this…

What’s the page you’re trying to preview? Are you sure you’re not trying to view the ‘live’ version?

How are you trying to preview it? (i.e. are you clicking ‘Preview’ in the editor, or just typing the URL into your browser?).

Feel free to share more info about your problem if you want some one to offer some more specific help.

I have edited the main doubt, please check again.

I don’t know what tutorial it is you’re doing so can’t really help, but if a page from a tutorial that should be showing isn’t, then probably best to contact Bubble support.

By the way, pages on the URL in your screenshot are displaying fine for me, so perhaps it’s an issue with your browser?

Hmm, that maybe possible. I’ll troubleshoot and get back to you, thanks.