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Page / Object Height and Width

Hello All,

I am trying to set the width or height of a page to a percentage and not a fixed px. any idea how i can accomplish this? so for example 100% instead of 1200 px


We don’t support this yet, Bubble’s pages have a fixed width. We’re working on responsiveness though which will I think solve what you’re trying to do.


thanks looking forward to it

I wish this was mobile responsive, then I would use this, when do you think this will happen?

It’s probably 4-6 weeks away, so quite soon.


Thanks looking forward to it

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+1 for responsive and fluid layouts. This is hampering my designs. :slight_smile:

if you wrap the bubble site using an IFRAME can’t you scale that container? Of course in that case you end up with the same URL shown for all pages which may not be what you want (can’t bookmark pages).

btw, since single page apps also do this trick, does bubble support apps that use hashbang syntax to edit the current pages address and allow one to bookmark navigation state of the single-page app?

e.g. (where someNavigationState can be a single name or a subpath like teams/team[1] etc.

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