Page Speed / Performance is a huge issue for my app (constantly getting complaints from users) - how I can improve?

Hi everyone,

My app has some serious performance issues, so much that I’m concerned I may need to re-build on a different platform :persevere:. It is a pretty major deterrent for users (I’ve received a lot of feedback from users complaining about the speed/performance).

User Quotes

  • “…I’m already frustrated by the lag. But I love this idea.”
  • “…seems slow and clunky on Google Chrome.”
  • “…your website is slow and crappy, it used to not be slow and crappy.” (I initially built on Wordpress before Bubble)
  • “Speed would make the experience better. It took quite a while to add the movie.”
  • “…It’s a bit sluggish. using Chrome and iPhone 7 and Surface Pro 4. Especially when configuring the filters, the page sometimes takes 5+ seconds to react.”

I’ve included a link to my editor below - any help would be sincerely appreciated! Bubble is so easy to use, really hoping I can figure this out to keep building here.

Where is the slowness most obvious:

What have I tried:

  • I put a lot of time into researching data structure early on, I believe it is optimal; however, if you feel that it can be improved please let me know

  • I had my app on the professional plan, and had boosted capacity by several units in attempt to speed it up, and this did not help

  • I’ve changed the order in which elements load on the page (i.e. element not visible on page load… then when page loaded entire, this element is visible) , this hasn’t really had any impact

  • I’ve adjusted my data source logic for how I call the data for my repeating groups (i.e. search for, etc).

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


Hi @arrev,

First of all, nice app! Looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it.

Did you mean to share a read-only copy of your application editor? I wasn’t able to access it but took a quick look at the “it follows” page and the main thing I’m seeing is a lot of these large sets of data that are being downloaded from Bubble:

What that usually means is that your data sources/searches aren’t optimized and Bubble has to download a lot of data to the browser first in order to be able to be able to perform some operation that’s requested of it.

If you’re able to make this app read-only (or clone it and make the clone read-only), I’d be happy to take a further look under the hood!




Give your app 10+ extra units. Once you get above 8+ units the app will start to get snappy. Otherwise Bubble is severely limiting performance.


Hi vlad, thanks! Give the editor link at the bottom of my original post another shot, I adjusted (it should be read only, it’s a clone of the original app). I appreciate your help / recommendations on how I can further optimize!


Hey Adam,

I took a spin through that movie details page and your database and and one consistent theme that I saw that might be causing lag issues is that there are a few objects that have very long lists of other objects on them, which Bubble can often struggle with. Some specific examples:

  1. Where you want to display movie genres you’re searching for “genres” where a field called “movies” (a looooong list) contains the movie on the page. Instead, try doing the opposite - have a field called “genres” on the “movie” object and just refer to “this page’s movie’s genres”
  2. Same as above for subgenres
  3. I would change a “page view” to be a separate object instead of a field that’s stored on the movie
  4. Also instead of having a single MovieAvailability object that stores the list of movies available for a particular service country and name combination, I would try to have a single MovieAvailability object that stores each service country and name combination and then have a field on the Movie object that’s a list of MovieAvailabilities (it’s likely to be a much smaller list)

Hope these help and may give you some ideas of other places where the data structure can be optimized!



Wow thanks for the detailed reply @vlad! I’ll go through now to see if I can make some of the quicker adjustments. I appreciate your help.


Hey Adam, you’re doing a lot of “count” operations in your conditions, that’s also probably what is slowing down your page a lot…

Maybe you can increment several dedicated counters as the user performs actions on your site, and store those values on the user, so you don’t have to make the operations on the fly when the page is loaded but just read the values to decide whether or not the conditions are met. Not sure if I’m clear :sweat_smile:

Really neat design by the way :slight_smile:


Indeed it is! I’ve long been impressed by this Bubble-powered site. BTW, @arrev, after working through some of the suggestions from @vlad — which strike me as spot-on — I’m sure Bubble support would also be willing to look at your site and suggest further improvements.

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