Page will not be full height

Hi all -

I have an index page with just a single group, that we want to be in the center and middle of the page.

I have set the index Container layout to Column and Container Alignment to middle. For now I set the minimum height to 760 px.

In the editor, that displays correctly, placing the box in the middle and center of the page.

In the preview however, the box is towards the top of the page. When I inspect it, it looks like the problem is that the index container is ‘hugging’ the content vertically.

As you can see from the screenshot below, there is no such setting that I can see that would do that. Any tips on what is driving this behavior? Thank you!


Hey guys, still having a real challenge here. Here’s to show you what I mean:

In the editor:

But in the live view:

See how it’s stuck to the top, despite the settings? How odd… Anyone encountered this?

Try wrapping it within another container and apply those settings instead. Set the container to stretch the entire with or height of the page.

Thanks @Panto9, afraid that didn’t work either :frowning: - tried wrapping it in a row, a column, at 100% size, and no size specification - nada

It’s SO weird! I’m boggled

An update! It looks like while the behavior is broken on the preview, on the live site it centers the object exactly as it should… how odd! So it’s just an issue with the preview!

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