Responsive Page Properties Not Working

Hi There,

Need help with setting up pages and how they look in preview. When I set up a page at 1200W and set the Container Layout to Fixed in Preview it centers the page in the screen (I have set up an index page like this which centers in the screen in preview), which I believe is normal and should be like this??

However I cannot leave this in Fixed so when I change the Container Layout to Row and then check this in Preview it doesn’t center it anymore but justifies it to the left hand side and extends the back ground color to the right.

This doesn’t seem right to me and I feel like I’m doing something wrong? When the Container Layout is set to either Row or Column it should stay centered in Preview? Right? The only extended parts outside of the set 1200 should be those groups I’ve set top infinity?

Any help here would be appreciated.


Update: I have now worked this out! Got it working as I need it to.

Tip: Just remove the debug_mode=true parameter from the URL for a better experience. It basically turns off the debugger which takes a space on the page

That 1200 width for UI builder has no effect in preview - it’s exactly what it says, just to help for the UI builder.

Groups with no max width/height will fill the page unless they have a max %/px width/height or fit to width which is probably what your black group has :slight_smile: