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Let’s say I have an app with a single page in it and there is one slider from min 0 to max 1. I preview the app, i modify the value of that slider to the middle, to 0.5 and I send the page to a friend, is there a world where my friend can open the link I sent to him with the slider at 0,5 already?

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Yes, if you save that slider’s value


After saving, you would then show it to the frontend. Now, there are tons of ways you could go about this but here are a couple of ways:

  1. The slider should have a dynamic data source either from a parent group, search, or something else
  2. You could add a data type to the page and have the slider reference to that data type’s field (where you saved the slider’s value)
  3. You could use URL parameters / path segments and have your elements reference to that
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Thanks ntabs!

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