URL Parameters Database Single Page App

Hi all,

I’m using URL parameters in a single page app and have multiple databases.

When attempting to navigate pages using url parameters I am encountering an issue where bubble flags up an error if I change the Database type I.e it’s only allowing me to use data from the first database I referenced.

Is there a way around this?

Leaving the data to send type empty flags up an error and asks me to confirm the type of data to send.

I need to be able to navigate through the app and reference different databases dependent on the page the user is on and the logic from the previous page.

This is easy to do if I have multiple pages but is proving difficult using a single page app.

If it is requiring data to be sent that means the page you’re navigating to has a data type set. If you are using URL parameters to send “things” to your next page then you shouldn’t need a type set on your page.

Yes the group that is being navigated to has a data type set.

Do I just need to remove the data type from that group and pass the data type thing in a url parameter instead?

Thanks for your help

You’re not really navigating to a group, you’re just adding a parameter to the URL. If it wants you fill in the “Send data to page” then your actual page has a datatype set. See what you have referencing “Current page’s [thing]” because nothing should be looking at your page for data. Instead you reference a parameter in the URL:

To make or set a parameter you do:

Thanks Tyler I think I understand where I’ve gone wrong now.

The Unique ID to reference in the thing will be that database Primary Key?

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation and help.

By default the unique_id is the primary key for each type. But it doesn’t matter if you changed it you still have to fill in the unique_id for the parameter. When navigating the page you would do [your thing you want to send]'s unique id