Page Zoom Warning In Bubble Editor With 1920px wide, 13" laptop

Hi Bubblers…

I just bought a spanky new Dell 13" laptop with a 1920 wide screen. Being only 13" wide, the text is miniscule when Windows text scaling is set to 100%, so I have it set to 125%.

But then whenever I start the Bubble Editor, I get the message:


I think everything has worked okay so far… but can anyone help me understand what issues I may face? And when they may be fixed?

I don’t want to have to send my laptop back!

Thanks in Anticipation, Antony.

The message is pretty accurate in describing the issues you’ll see. Most of it has to do with the responsive alignment, but you’ll also run into circumstances of things not being clickable in the editor.

Hi there Andrew… thanks for those details - it helps me to know why I suddenly had 3 out of 4 of the buttons on my app stop working a few days ago!

I have found a solution - which is to set the laptop screen to be 1600x900 with Windows text scaling is set to 100%, rather than 1920x1080 with text scaling set to 125%.

The display doesn’t look so good, but if Bubble is happy then I am too!

Ideally you really want to be at actual size, especially when you use the interface editor. But having a larger font is probably acceptable when you’re not working on the design of your app (otherwise you’ll design something different than what your users will see).

Thanks for that clarification @emmanuel…!

I have edited a few different things in the interface editor over the last few days while getting used to all of this… what will it take to fix the problems I have caused? So if I now start editing with my display settings at “Actual SIze” do I need to:

  1. Just open the page and all will be fixed?
  2. Physically move the items that aren’t working (e.g buttons that don’t click) to a new location so they re-locate properly?
  3. Delete each item and re-create it?
  4. Something else?


Hi @antony,

If I understand your problem correctly, continue to edit in Actual Size and when you encounter a bug, for example a button that doesn’t click, try moving it around first and if that doesn’t work, delete it and repaint it.

I or others on this thread/forum would likely be happy to spend a few minutes quickly going over your app to at least determine if the issues you are experience are related to painting elements while not at %100 zoom or if it’s another problem (like incorrectly utilizing the responsive engine - which is extremely common while getting accustomed to Bubble)

Feel free to PM a link to your editor and I’ll sort through it when I get some time this weekend



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