Pages to load full screen on an iPhone X

I just set up an account on Bubble and I am very impressed with it’s capabilities but I have a major question.

Once a website is setup how can it seamlessly load on a browser full screen or a mobile device such an iPhone X as a webpage without changing any code.

For example:

both load perfectly on my computer in the browser but when I save them to my Home Screen on my iPhone they are not full screen. The pictures and the text are small not taking up all of the screen real estate, making it look like I am loading a webpage rather than a native app.

I would like to make a page once and have it load perfectly on my computer and with out changing any code load perfectly on my iPhone.

Is this possible with Bubble?


create a mobile version of your site. you create a page for your home page and then go to your computers version of the page, double click on the page and select the menu that asks for a mobile version. Then set that to the mobile version you created.

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you do this for all of your pages and then instead of using the browser version itll use the mobile version

Thanks @lockymadera.

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