Pagination in Repeating Groups shows items from previous page

Hi All,

I’m using a repeating group with “Fixed number of cells”. I have added next and previous buttons to page through the dataset. However, this is what I see on a list that has 5 records and the repeating group is showing 4 items per page - First page shows 4 records as expected. But, when I tap next, the second page is also showing 4 items starting from item 2 on the previous page and includes the last (5th) item.

What I would have expected to see are 4 items on first page and just 1 item on page two when I tap next.

Any thoughts? Please see the screenshot I’ve included to show the issue.


This is currently by design. On our list of things to look into as some point, but we don’t have a timeline on this.

To fix this challenge, simply add a condition managing pages on your repeating group RG, and when you reach the last page, change the data source.


Thanks @JohnMark. One way I can think of doing this is to track the page number as a user taps next/previous and limit the records using “items from #” where the index would be page # x count per page. Is that what you were thinking?


Ok thanks @emmanuel. I’m exploring a workaround for this, but the current behavior is not ideal and confusing to the end user.

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