Paid Project - Quickbooks Integration

I am looking for someone… who i can pay… to help be create a private plugin for transferring records to a users QuickBooks account. I need the user to oAuth into their QB account, and then be able to generate invoices from my bubble app.

I am in a preliminary hunt for someone who can do this and need to figure out a ballpark cost.

I know that the team of @levon as a plugin that integrate Quickbooks but I don’t find it anymore.

@JohnMark no we were only going to build it :slight_smile: It’s in our roadmap but can’t commit on ETA yet

I recall now, it was Jarrad. I was on beta tester list :wink:

Hey @ryan8
I think you’d like to check this out :slight_smile: 📚 Quickbooks Accounting - New Plugin from Zeroqode

WHAT??? that is AWESOME!!!

it was a bit of a false start :slight_smile: the plugin is actually expected to be approved by Bubble tomorrow or next day, but you can already check the demo and the docs.

it has just been approved -

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i just found it… making an attempt to setup the app in Quickbooks now.

I keep getting an authorization failed message but it pulls the relmID… does that mean it worked or did not work?

@ryan8 did you end up getting the QuickBooks integration setup? I’m stuck at the same spot, I’m using ZeroCode’s QuickBooks Accounting Plugin and get to the point of pulling in the realmID, but can’t figure out how to correctly view QB data.

If you had any luck, please share. I’m documenting all of my steps and struggles in this post. I’d really like to get this set up.

i got it working… but it was a long time ago… so i dont really remember what happened with that. but there was something i was doing wrong. and then i fixed it. might have been something setup wrong on the quickbooks dev side if i remember.