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[Paid] Seeking developer to set up live tracking with updates

We are looking for a Bubble developer to create a GPS feature that will enable vehicles to be tracked and displayed on a map when ‘activated’ and not display when ‘deactivated.’

  • Minimum 3 months of experience in Bubble Development
  • Education or experience in programming is a plus
  • Familiarity/expertise working with geocoding/geofencing

We are offering a contract position with the potential for future work requests.

Please send me your portfolio of apps you developed and also make sure you include your CV and/or LinkedIn profile. Please comment any questions or concerns.

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Where should I send it? Any email address or DM you @anthony7

Please DM me.

Hey Anthony,

I am the founder of and we just launched the ability to post projects and receive proposals from vetted Bubble developers (who also do mentoring on our site). Feel free to post your position.


Hi John,

Thanks for your message. I appreciate your referral to your site, though we are doing our vetting through the Bubble forum. Please see the description below.

I would like to learn more about how you would would go about creating the system that we need and integrate it into our current Bubble CRM.

The concept is similar to FedEx, UPS, Amazon delivery where there are multiple vehicles on a route, and customers are able to log in and view their specific driver without seeing the other drivers on their route. Geofencing would be implemented to notify management (us) and track historical data.

Please let show me a similar app you have built/assisted with or let me know how you would go about this. Please also share how your pricing structure works and what you anticipate the total project costing.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Got it. Vetting through the forum makes sense. Best of luck with your search.