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Parallax effect

I want to have parallax effect on the desktop site. But the image has to be a stripe since i need it across the full width of browser. On a stripe the parallax option isnt available. How to accomplish this ?

If you set the page background as image it’s also screenwide, so you should be good. That’s where the parallax effect is applied to.

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@emmanuel I’m trying to achieve this effect:
But the suggested approach I can add only one image in the background :frowning:
Can you suggest how can a page similar to this groove music be created on bubble ?

I don’t see any parallax effect at

I just noticed that the pages on Microsoft edge (has parallax) and chrome for that site are different… I’ve attached 3 screenshots… not sure how else to show this to you


2: On scrolling a little

3: on further scrolling

I think what you need is to put the image in the background, apply parallax, and then use some stripes. Why don’t you start on the forum_app and then we see how that goes/modify to help?