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Parallax scrolling effect

How can I achieve a parallax effect scrolling without the ‘Add Stripe’ functionality?

That’s complicated in bubble right now, but you could find some alternative and creative ways. Like using a floating group that’s in the background and have another transparent group that contains the scrolling content.

What if you just activate the parallax feature? It doesn’t need stripe to work.

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thanks @emmanuel

I have activated the parallax effect feature, but here is my issue now… when I set the background as an image and expand the height of the page to something like 4,000+ pixels, the image background is zoomed-in as it is fully stretched to fit the specified dimensions.

How can I set the background as an image and keep the original size? i’d like to change the background as it reaches a scroll point of the page.

Any update on this @emmanuel? I was wondering if there is an ability to add multiple background images for the paralax effect for really long pages like a landing page?

No update there