Parallel actions is way faster

parallel actions in Bubble is something important to implement compared to serial actions. You can reduce all your workflows with multiple Schedule API actions (with a 0 second time to start). Bubble let you run 100 Schedule API in 200 ms instead of 100 actions in one workflow in 20 seconds. Using this method will make your app faster and UI faster too. Developing parallel workflows-actions will make your app less demanding for more capacity in future.


How did you do this? I need to improve mine, saving take a long time for me. Crashes my app sometimes.

Hi @J805 Jason,

The main goal is to reduced actions from one workflow using custom or creating an endpoint in the API Workflow section with Schedule action to call them and passing values (in the case of API Workflow).



Sounds like what I need, I really cant figure out how to do this just by the screen shot though.

By the way, I figured this out now. Very helpful. :slight_smile:

The only ‘con’ with this technique is if you are updating a field like ‘field+1’ it will not work as others scheduler actions can used the same initial ‘field’ value. Keep that in mind.


This sounds like a contradiction of the topic title, “Serial versus Parallel actions is way faster”.

Am I misunderstanding?


and faster response for your users.

Can you provide more details on how this works? I’m not quite understanding.

The best way to see it :slight_smile:
Let say each action take 500 ms:

regular API WORKFLOW : action 1 + action 2 => 1 second

with schedule api split: (or schedule event)
SCHEDULE API 1: action 1
SCHEDULE API 2: action 2

Total amount of time doing schedule api 1 and 2 => 500 ms

In my first example above at 200 ms per action, mean for 100 actions => 20 seconds.
With 100 split schedule APIs will be 200 ms, not 20 seconds. (value in ms is approx.)

Hope it help.


Small :warning: warning: if you need to made changes to the same object in all these parallel actions, you could run into a known limitation of Bubble: data inconsistency. It’s on the Roadmap, but not fixed yet.

I ran into its limitation a while back and wasted a lot of time troubleshooting. I shared my solution on this thread: Schedule API workflow on a list - does the list have a limit?


Yes schedule on list can be problematic. To be used with precaution. It can be very complicated!

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