Parent Group not Showing results in Preview Mode

Hi, Just started to see Bubble and I Love, How ever I am tying to use a parent group to pull information from my “Listing” Data base with by choosing the following:

Create a Group > Go to the Finder Window > Type of Content “Listing” from Database> Data Source > Search for Listing > Go to the next finder window > Type “ Listing “ > Then I choose ID = Gt id data from page > Parameter name : id

I Then go back to the group I created and and use Parent groups Listing…. But when I preview I do not see the information from…. It is just a blank page. Your advise would be welcome

Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 02.21.52 Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 02.22.15

Use the debugger in preview mode to see if the id is actually getting pulled from the URL then check the group with your “do a search for” to see what results are being returned.

It’s showing empty! Not sure why as it has been set to pull from the relevant areas. Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 10.04.32|690x118

Your search for is not returning any results. Try removing I’d from the search and see is you get a result returned. If you do then there is something wrong with the id you are pulling from the URL. Does the URL actually have the id parameter in it? It will look like

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