Bubble preview issue

I’ve configured it so that when the Listing Tab is clicked with parameters, the product overview should display. However, despite my efforts, only the static text “Product Overview” is appearing on the preview. I’ve attached some screenshots including the dataype I used for reference. Could you please assist me in troubleshooting and refining this setup?

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Either you don’t have any products in your database or there is a privacy rule that doesn’t let you see the product data. Check your database and privacy rules.

Another thing that can be happening is that you are showing the “parent group’s product”, and the parent group is also showing it’s parent group data, and there is a group that doesn’t have data to show

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I checked my database and privacy and everything seems to be set up correctly. And I have product in my database. So I’m still stuck with what I could be doing wrong

I think I found the empty group. But I tried filling up the data source, with Do a search it didn’t work

What happened when you did the search?

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If I do a search, an error message is returned.

can you send the app’s link? I’ll check it and answer you better

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Go ahead and preview then click on the listing tab, thank you

You can’t select a product because your search is returning multiple results, when it should only return one. If you need to display a list of products, you should use a repeating group.

Create a repeating group and move the entire content of this group inside it. This will allow you to display multiple products correctly.

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You mean the entire listing group should go into a repeating group?