Parent Groups - need help!

I’m a newbie to bubble trying to creat a feed like on Instagram. I’m following this tutorial and it’s has the option in the dynamic image to choose parent groups thing. However when I place the image box in my repeating group the same way he does, when I click dynamic image the “parent groups thing” doesn’t pop up. Anyone know the reason why?


Any element placed directly inside a repeating group will see “current cell …” first

Please review the the following:

This video should help complement the above guidance:


Hey I’m creating a blog.
I want to make it dynamic but the problem is:
Sometimes you want 15 images in your blog and sometimes you don’t want any images at all.

How do I structure it? @cmarchan

Good morning, @rohitwadhwani17 ! I hope you’re doing well :metal:

You’re asking about how to structure a repeating group & sync images in your database at the right time in the right place inside those repeating groups for your blog.

This thread is about “parent groups” to help Kev understand how groups interact with each other.

It’s good practice to make new posts for your own challenges. This way, the person who was wanting help (Kev, in this case) does not have their post “hijacked” and it does not get confusing for people who have the same issue later and want to read this post to find a solution.

If you make a new post about your challenge, tag me, and I’ll try to help you, no problem :slight_smile:

And, I’m sure @cmarchan will help - he’s always around sharing info, too.

Have a great day buddy


I understand @ChefThomas . I didn’t realized this earlier. Thanks, I’ll keep this in my mind.

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Thanks @cmarchan

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